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Usa Visa


Ever year, lacs of students across India aspire to study abroad especially in the US. However, more than 55% of deserving students have to drop the idea or opt for very low ranked universities because of the financial hurdles. .

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Canda Visiotr And Studant Visa


Education in Canada is under the complete jurisdiction of the States and not in control of some central government vigilance system. Keeping in mind the necessity of education for nation growth and environment government….

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UK Visa


London is one of the most exciting cities to be a student. You will study at universities ranked amongst the best in the world. With more international students studying in London than any other city.

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Aus Visa


Australia is a leading global education centre. It is the most popular international student destination in the world. Country is having a population of 23 million. Australia has seven of the top 100 universities in the world.

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New Zealand

New Zealand’s education relationship with India is still relatively new, however New Zealand has quickly became a very popular study destination for Indian students.

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Apart from world class infrastructure, high quality living, political stability, shopaholic’s paradise, culinary delights, vivacious city life and various adventure activities, Singapore provides various higher education courses.

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Visitor Visa

Visitors' visas for holiday purposes do not allow engagement in business activities.

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